UPDATE: part of code cracked!

by aweiss814

Success!! Part of the code appears to have been cracked by Qingchun Ren. The Code-Breaker writes:

“Basically, each symbol corresponds to a letter, But I guess some extra strokes were added to make it harder to break.”

 Here is what the last page in the file (all written in code) reads:
Have never been quite so anxious for the mail.
Am really suffering to hear from Augusta.
All that ??? troubles me in now to break the news to Em.
If any of you find this helpful for breaking the code in other parts, please let me know, and go ahead and post it (being specific about which page it refers to). As soon as we are sure of the means by which to break it, the entire diary (again, post coming Monday) can be deciphered quite quickly. I promise to transcribe all the coded bits and post them when this occurs.